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droidcamp Sessions 2009

droidcamp Sessions 2009

droidcamp Session

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Prince I
Music Creation for Android
Alex Shaw
A discussion of some of the cool things that you can do with Android in the field of music creation. For those of you who were there, here are some of the exciting things I was ranting about :)
My own project: Synthulator - a sequencer and pluggable synthesis tool in an early development stage
Andreas' projects: FingerPlay - a pair of turntables and a MIDI controller in your pocket. Great UI stuff
Bebot: A really good example of a mobile music creation interface (nothing to do with the either of us, I just rate it quite highly)
Please come and see Andreas and I talk at the DroidCon event in London this December! There will be slides and demos and many good things.

Prince II
"Ich mache meine Vorratsdatenspeicherung lieber selber."
Latitude, Twitter, Flickr Mashup driven by Android.
more on http://www.schtief.org

12:30 Innovative Uses, Innovative UIs
Julian Harty
A practical demonstration of the eyes-free applications http://code.google.com/p/eyes-free/ written by TV Raman, a blind developer at Google (together with Charles Chen with contributions from other developers) who devised an innovative UI using relative positioning and gestures to enable any user to use their android touchscreen device without having to look at the device and without needing a keyboard. There is a YouTube channel her http://www.youtube.com/user/EyesFreeAndroid if you'd like to see a demo of the applications in use on a phone.

See also http://www.rnib.org.uk/professionals/solutionsforbusiness/trainingandconferences/techshare/techshare2009/daytwo/Pages/TS09_P08-C.aspx and I'll try to find a home for a presentation on the topic.

Implementing push applications for Android
Stefan Ålund, Johannes Willig

UPDATE: Push API now released in a first version: http://bit.ly/droidpush

Slides available at SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/StefanAlund/an-early-look-at-droidpush-api-a-push-api-for-android

Android development with Scala
Jan Berkel

A look at Scala, a modern JVM-based language and why you would want to use it to develop applications for Android.

Slides here

Rooting: How to, benefits and risks.
Introduction into the popular cyanogenmod ROM and the first android fork the "openandroidalliance"
pdf is here.

Stan I

AndroidGear as an alternative to Android Market
Daniel Schuetz

PocketGear.com - Your added value distribution partners.

AndroidGear - a brand of PockGear Inc. and part of the worldwide Gearshop family - is an alternative market place for your Android software with enhanced marketing and promotion possibilities and localised shop-interface with locally optimized payment methods. First level support is provided to endusers anabling developers to concentrate on their core business.

English slides here / German slides here

Open Source Projects, Open Android Alliance/Replicant, OpenIntents
Discussion about Intents Registry, how to reuse features of other apps and reuse other library like XMLRPC, osmandroid, etc. moderated by Friedger Müffke.

Stan II

missing my session held and posted on the board (see picture below) ... but it didn't get listed in the
android app ...
15:30 "Social phonebooks on android" (Martin Steinbeck)
-> summary so far: good discussion ... no slides (before / during the session) ... can type a summary
an post here & would like to have the names of those who attended and/or contributed to the
discussion - signed Martin


K’UMPA Demo & Behind the Scences

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der #droidcamp schedule ich bin um 11.45 dran

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