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barcamp droidcon 2010 - suggestions

barcamp droidcon 2010 - suggestions

barcamp droidcon 2010 - Suggestions

Twitter Hashtag #droidcamp

Just click on “Edit page” and enter some text here. Add (+) to a session if you like it.

There will be room for four parallel tracks.

Suggestions for main topics:

- Best Practice
- SDK and Libraries
- App Demos
- Game Development
- Application Stores

Suggestions for sessions:

  • interfacing android phones with embedded hardware like multicopter's via bluetooth (ligi) ++
  • Dependency Manager (Friedger Müffke) ++++
  • Writing custom views ++
  • "Hallo Welt" für Android und iPhone im direkten Vergleich (Bernd Bächle und Martin Schumacher) ++
  • The Application Store landscape; (Martin Steinbeck, Thibaut Rouffineau) +++
  • Xtify SDK - Push and Geo-Push Notifications (Josh Schiffman) +++
  • Developing an Augmented Reality Game Prototype (Michael Straeubig)++++
  • Alcatel Mobile phones: Alcatel Home Open source project, OT-980 demo (Emmanuel Lambert)
  • Hacking and developing for the Android for creative applications: interactive visuals, interactive sound, and live musical and visual performance (Peter Kirn) ++++
  • Erstellen eines Tools zur mobilen Verteilung von 'GEO', einer 'Education Währung' für Veranstalter von 'Educational' Events und Schulungen. http://www.manupool.de/the-geo (Marcus A. Link)
  • c-base mobile interfaces framework ... a enviroment for mobile devices developers. kickoffevent abends beim AfterCampGet2Gether
  • teleporter is a multimodular routing planner. turn your mobile device into a mobility device ... for participation join our teleporterwave


Sessions actually introduced:

In chronological order, please make corrections.

  • android-pit, marketing apps

  • app-monetization
  • alcatel, discussion
  • aftek, mobile device security
  • interfacing with embedded hardware, microcopters
  • ?
  • clickable-app-builder, click-an-app-in-one-minute
  • puky (?), feedback
  • 2talks: ?, howto do local unit-testing
  • mobile interfaces project (c-base), actual user-testing
  • ronin, froyo cloud-backup into legacy apps, introduction
  • connect phones to databases, oracle, db2
  • (android apps look so crappy) ui-design, improvement, howto-cool-ui
  • secure multi-path communication
  • dependency manager for android apps


Sesssionplan im Timetabler: Web, Android, iphone


All given sessions at heldSession2010


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