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link this post written on 04/05/2010
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Der Umstieg von 2009 auf 2010 ist ein bisschen durcheinandergegangen, alle Änderungen nach dem 3.11. habe ich in die Sessionvorschläge für 2010 eingearbeitet.

Aus den Sessions von 2009 gab wieder Nachfragen für

  • Mister X (Tobias Rho)
  • Open Intents Datenbank (Friedger Müffke)
  • Android Performance (Markus Junginger)
  • XMPP (Benjamin Söllner)
  • How to market to the Android Market (Markus Kucborski)

Ich bin dafür, dass die Autoren ein Update Ihrer Vorträge vorschlagen, oder?

link this post written on 10/05/2010
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Hi Friedger,

thx for following up. Here is a short description of the idea for the Coding Battle:

Participants can build teams.

Teams can have up to three members.

The purpose of the battle will be published (one week) before the event.

At the end of the event, attendees will vote for the most suitable result.

'The Geo' Currency Coding Battle:

Create an Android application for mobile distribution of a community currency. 

Community Plattform: Drupal CMS

Module: Mutual Credit http://drupal.org/project/mutual_credit


Module: Userpoints http://drupal.org/project/userpoints

Concept for an 'Eduaction Currency'




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link this post written on 11/05/2010
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Are there any incentives to participate? Is it to get reputation or some geo?


link this post written on 13/05/2010
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Friedger Müffke:

Are there any incentives to participate? Is it to get reputation or some geo?


The Geo is currently in an early planning state and just an idea/concept.

For now, the participants would get reputation for creating the technological requirements.

Once the system works, 'Geo' could be distributed ... 

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